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Notes From the Underground is a radio show about awareness, activism, and acceptance. Each show seeks to educate listeners on topics beyond the latest headline news. From love and relationships to understanding others to debating social challenges, we are ready for your opinion and voices that matter here on Notes from the Underground.




Dane “Sweet Tooth” Henderson – Helix High School Alumni. Producer of , Producer, Host for NFU Media’s Notes from the Underground, Diehard Sports San Diego and KNSjam Session working with local music artists. Danehas previously appeared as co-host on ESPN 800, 103.7 Free FM , 107.9 The Mountain and currently with 89.1fm.


Wally Wang– Stand-up comedian and author of over 50 books including Microsoft for Dummies and Steal This Computer Book. He also writes screenplays and has written a book on screenwriting techniques called The 15-Minute Movie Method. Along with Dane Henderson, he was previously a radio co-host on ESPN 800, 103.7free FM, 107.9 along with currently appearing on two 89.1 fm radio shows.


Jody Taylor – Former women’s professional football player and Women’s Professional Football League media relations director. She also runs her own public relations, marketing, and talent management firm called Sixty5 Media, named after the jersey number she wore her entire football career. She’s also the Assistant Editor of What’s Up Hollywood, a guest journalist for Life By Design Entrepreneur Magazine, and a passionate activist for equal rights and assisting the LGBT community.


Kristen Yoder – Kristen has been in the cannabis industry for over 12 years in every sector from soil to the oil including managing the first dispensary in Los Angeles, managing product development and operations for one of the largest cannabis edible companies in California, working as project manager for a cannabis testing laboratory, and apprenticing under a master cannabis grower.


“Notes From the Underground” seeks to engage and enrage listeners to jolt them out of the rut of monotony and mediocrity so they can live fuller, richer, and more fulfilling lives. You might not agree with everything Kristen, Jody, Wally, or Dane might say, but you can’t ignore their advice and point of view either.


After listening to “Notes From the Underground,” you may never see the world the same way as before.

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