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KNSJ is possible thanks to an awesome group of volunteers who are supported by an even more amazing group of sponsors, underwriters & private party donations.

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KNSJ 89.1 San Diego Radio’s largest and most important source of funding is you – our listeners. We’re able to bring you comprehensive, unbiased coverage because listeners like you have shown their support. When you become a monthly Subscriber, you’re also ensuring the future success of KNSJ 89.1 & public, community radio in San Diego.KNSJ’s Online Auction


More Ways to Give

  • Donate your used car or boat
  • Include KNSJ in your Will
  • Submit a matching gift form
  • Make a gift of stock
  • Charitable IRA Distribution
  • Charitable Annuities and Trusts

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Did you know that advertising on KNSJ reaches an audience of over 1 million people, both on-air and online? Corporate sponsorship of KNSJ is a great business investment. Our listeners are 88 percent more likely to buy products and services from companies that support public radio. Learn more about Community Radio.

Programming on KNSJ is generously underwritten by:

CVA Security

To initiate or renew underwriting for your business, organization, or event, please take a look at our Underwriting Packet (July 2016) [PDF] and contact Martin Eder. Your support is appreciated, and is 100% tax-deductible.


Grants fund not only general operations, but are a primary means through which KNSJ  is able to develop and test new programming initiatives. Grants also support specific news programs and KNSJ’s special projects. Foundation support is vital to KNSJ.

Business Sponsorship

Promote your business, product, service or event on KNSJ 89.1 FM – San Diego Public Radio.

Business support, also know as underwriting, is a tax-deductible way to support KNSJ, while gaining exposure for your business or organization. View KNSJ’s Media Kit.

You can target your underwriting message by specific program or time of day. KNSJ’s underwriting team will work with you to customize a program to help your business reach its financial, marketing and philanthropic goals.

CONNECT with 40,000+ weekly inquisitive, active and loyal listeners in Southwestern California.

ENGAGE motivated decision-makers and business innovators.

DELIVER your well-crafted message – on-air or online. Reach customers, clients and partners.

WHY Sponsor KNSJ?

Generate Awareness for Your Business
Underwriting messages achieve name recognition among professionals and business leaders.
Create Customer Loyalty
Messages are not considered intrusions. Listeners view underwriters as supporters and partners. Investing in KNSJ sponsorships can deliver results for your business.
Support a Valuable Community Resource
Each time your support is acknowledged on KNSJ, your business joins the shared commitment of thousands of individual contributors as well as other distinguished businesses and non-profit organizations.

About KNSJ 89.1 FM
KNSJ 89.1 San Diego with a broadcast reach of over 860,000 Southern California residents on FM, Activist San Diego‘s always evolving, full-power FM station. The signal transmits out of Descanso, with a parallel Internet radio stream and studios based in East County and central San Diego. ASD is a 13-year-old 501c3 with a rock-solid mission of networking for social justice.

There are Underwriting and Sponsorship opportunities, the levels, benefits and availability vary.  Limited spots available.

What is underwriting?

KNSJ 89.1 FM San Diego is a non-profit, non-commercial station supported by donor contributions. Donating to the station is also called “underwriting the station” or “purchasing underwriting”. When your business purchases underwriting, we make on-air acknowledgments of your support. Such on-air spots are not considered traditional advertising because the FCC restricts the content of those spots to be non-commercial in nature.

What can acknowledgments contain?

Underwriting spots may contain factual identification and contact information such as your trade name, location, address, phone number, days and hours of operation, and website. Factual aspects of your products and services may be included, such as brand names, product origin (“French wine”, “Columbian coffee”), intended use (“men’s suits”, “breakfast”), content (“silk blouses”), or form of delivery or method of preparation (“made from grapes”, “cooked with herbs”). Bona fide non-promotional brand slogans that are in well-established use by your business may be included.

What is prohibited?

Underwriting spots may not contain qualitative language (“homemade”, “great”, “wonderful”, “handcrafted”), comparative language (“freshest”, “better”, “most”), calls to action (“call today”, “come by”), number of years in operation (“serving the community for over 20 years”, prices or discounts (not even “sale” or “free”), first-person statements (“I recommend”), second-person statements (“you will enjoy”), or third-person statements (“celebrities eat lunch here”, “where everyone shops”). The location may not be given using another business as reference (“conveniently located across the street from Goudchaux’s”).

Why underwrite community radio?

Underwriting enhances your image as a participant in—and supporter of— KNSJ 89.1 FM San Diego Community Radio. Furthermore, your underwriting is 100% tax-deductible.

Program Schedule

We broadcast a diverse mixture of programming that entertains and educates people’s musical, literary, and cultural interests; inspires action-oriented listeners who seek civic improvement, social justice and fresh visions and artists for San Diego and it’s surrounding communities; nurtures ongoing dialogues across races, cultures and borders; and fosters collaboration for community progress, education and empowerment. The current program schedule appears on a separate page in this packet. Show and personality descriptions are online at www.knsj.org.

Target Audience

Unlike commercial radio stations that typically target a specific demographic based on narrow musical genre interests, community radio covers what the mainstream ignores, thus appealing to the broad spectrum of listeners who are exhausted by traditional media and instead seek a more expansive product reflective of the diversity of cultures and interests in their surroundings. As indicated by the coverage map, over 1 million people in Southern California are in range of our terrestrial FM signal, and our online internet stream is available globally at www.KNSJ.org via the Free “TuneIn” App.

Your underwriting donations are 100% tax-deductible!

KNSJ is a project of 501(c)3 non-profit Activist San Diego.


Join other businesses and non-profit organizations that are already part of the KNSJ family. View KNSJ’s Media Kit. To request a needs analysis, price quote or talk to an Underwriting Representative.


  • All amounts are per announcement. Announcements are 15 seconds in length.
  • For fewer than 16 announcements add 15% per announcement.
  • All other times announcements are half price with exceptions noted below.*
  • Announcements must be used within one month of contract date unless purchased as a multiple-month plan.


*These rates do not apply to announcements in and around the following programs:


♦ East County Magazine (ECM)

♦ Democracy Now

♦ Thom Hartmann

♦ KNSJ News

♦ More TBA
►Monthly underwriting is payable as a single payment or in monthly installments for a longer contract period.  Receive a 15% discount when you pay the total amount up front.


  • 3.4% charge for all credit cards
  • *Programs and rates are subject to change without notice
  • Fixed positions (with the exception of announcements in and around East County Magazine, Democracy Now, Thom Hartmann and KNSJ News) add 20%. All rates are gross.