Welcome to Thrillstreet

“Welcome to Thrillstreet”, an Indie variety show for San Diego Thrillseekers looking for some radio based razzle dazzle. You’ll hear the newest Indie Rock from around the universe, as well as SD local bands and Indie classics, mixed in with guests, comedy, and the occasional pun. You will never know what to expect when you tune in. Friday night just got weird.

Bio: DJ SuperRob is an enigma wrapped in sweet, sweet riddles. Born in the urban decay of Northern New Jersey, only to spend his formative years in the wilds of Pennsylvania, then obtain education in the hallowed halls of Penn State University (home of football, “Happy Valley”, and that one thing that we don’t talk about that was a very, very bad thing that should have never went on as long as it did). After spending over a decade at PSU hosting a weekly radio show (sometimes 2), being the voice of the local Roller Derby team (SCAR derby Happy Valley Dolls, fabulous ladies whom I dearly miss) and hosting a weekly stand up comedy night, Rob left his comfortable, crazy PA life behind to join his lovely ladyfriend in beautiful San Diego, land of sunshine, dogs and amateur photographers.

DJ SuperRob brings over a decade of radio experience to KNSJ. His first show was a morning Jazz show, “The Sunship”. After 2 years of hot Jazz, he cohosted “On The Good Foot”, WKPS’s Funk and Soul party show. He then went on to host the Sunday edition of OTGF, later switching to the even sweeter Saturday OTGF, playing hot funk/soul with a dose of comedy, sketches, special guests and occasional prank calls. After a 9 year run on OTGF, SuperRob (Then known as DJ Hemmingway) added a 2nd show to the mix, “Goodbye Blue Monday”, a new music show focusing on Indie rock and interviews with visiting bands. Before leaving PSU, Rob handed off hosting duties on OTGF to a younger generation, and focused primarily on Goodbye Blue Monday, a show that is strikingly similar to his current show, Welcome to Thrillstreet.

In addition to radio, SuperRob was the announcer for State College’s Happy Valley Dolls rollerderby team for 5 years, a job he dearly misses. He studied long form improv and comedy from the esteemed Mr.P, and performed in his weekly standup show before taking over as the host when Mr.P left for acting gigs in Atlanta. SuperRob also helped produce the 2nd Vermont ComicCon, and has worked as a panel moderator/talent wrangles/assistant for comicons in Boston and at the New York Comic Con, SD’s lil brother con. Most recently he worked the press desk for SD Comic Fest, and hopes to work with them again next year. His other credits include conducting the Hershey Symphony Orchestra dressed as a Hershey’s Kiss, writing and acting in an infomercial taped in NYC for a men’s weight loss product, getting earl grey tea for Hodor, MCing fundraisers for CVIM, and having his art up as part of a group show at Arthaus in Happy Valley.

The activist vibe of KNSJ is a familiar one for SuperRob. He was part of Groundswell, the activist group that helped State College pass one of the nation’s first Fracking bans, and TAed for Prof Sam Richards, one of the top 50 professors on the conservative hit list. As part of his activist background, SuperRob seeks to build bridges between people, rather then magnify the growing political divide. Thrillstreet is a welcoming place for everyone, even if we may not see eye to eye on every issue facing the nation today. We can all unite around good music, comedy, and wanting to breathe clean air.

His show, Welcome to Thrillstreet, airs on KNSJ Friday nights from 9-11 pm.